Patron Member


  • Life time membership of Ask Circle
  • Special rates of MFRT conferences just as it is for Ask Circle members.
  • Free access to all our monthly meetings (offline & online) and MFRT experiences just as it is for Ask Circle Life Members.
  • Invitation to MFRT experience as Speaker depending on the abilities and skills.
  • No renewal fees for Patron Membership.
  • Option of Upgrade to Life Membership (subject to Committee approval).
  • Patron Member can organise monthly meetings after reaching aa minimum number at their respective cities (otherwise attend online meeting to be started soon).
  • Patron Member can organise MFRT Experience in the cities where Patron Member are present.
  • Patron Member cannot nominate self for Ask Circle Committee as the Life members can do.
  • Patron Members cannot transfer the Patron Membership like the Life Membership which means Patron Membership is not transferable.
  • In Patron Membership, no additional members are allowed.
  • Patron Membership fee is non-refundable.
  • Patron Members have NO VOTING RIGHTS.


1ANSUMAN BHAUMIK9433178200[email protected]
2RAHUL AGARWAL9804576265[email protected]
3ANIL KUMAR GUPTA9331002343[email protected]
4ANUP KUMAR KHANDELWAL9830042262[email protected]
5NAVIN AGARWAL9832061130[email protected]
6SANJAY KUMAR AGARWAL9434097024[email protected]
7RAJESH SARAWGI9864067890[email protected]
8ASHISH KUMAR SARDA9331179185[email protected]
9SARITA MOHTA9831168900[email protected]
10HEMANSU AGARWAL9903299529[email protected]
11SUDIPTA SENGUPTA9830157758[email protected]
12SHRYADHAY MOHTA9830151060[email protected]
13VRUSHABH VIJAYKUMAR SHAH9822955021[email protected]
14VIKASH KUMAR8002063615[email protected]
15RAM KISHORE JHA9431191133[email protected]
16PARTHA SINHA9431120891[email protected]
17RAJENDRA GARG9425112525 , 7999803574[email protected]
18HRUSHIKESH SWAIN9883325409[email protected]
19SUSHIL KUMAR MAHESHWARI7003112343[email protected]
20N. K. TIWARY9831129127[email protected]
21SAURABH JAIN9836043827[email protected]
22 ASHOK ROY9038799765[email protected]
23CHETAN KUMAR TULSYAN9204782459[email protected]
24ADITYA VIKRAM KEDIA9831028699[email protected]
25SUBHASHISH BASAK9831061268[email protected]
26ADRIJA BASAK9831885561[email protected]
27SOURAV  BHADURY9051803524[email protected]
28MITESH KUMAR SHAH9331001427[email protected]
29JITENDRA DHABARIA9830018348[email protected]