Vision and Mission

Member’s privilege

In 2008, a handful of Mutual Fund advisors dreamed of a forum of successful advisors in the Mutual Fund industry, who would become members of a round table and pounder on the ideas to take the industry forward to meet the challenges of the future. Thus was born of the concept of Mutual Fund Round Table (MFRT), a forum where all successful advisors would come together to think about the ideas and concepts of a good practice. They would become the benchmark of the industry a role model, a standard, a professional approach toward the profession.


To spread financial literacy, education and awareness to the financial distributors and to the people of India.


To be a valued, member-driven network of leading mutual fund financial services professionals/ advisors who serve their clients by exemplary performance and the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity.


  • Connection among the members to a strong national network of the best in the business.
  • Meet and communicate with peers with the specifics interest and areas of expertise.
  • MFRT members build and discover new success strategies.
  • Build credibility and confidence among your clients.

How We Started

The ASK Circle Mutual Fund Round Table (ASK Circle MFRT™), is a forum by “ASK Circle” which is an independent association of most successful mutual fund financial services professionals. Under the forum ASK Circle MFRT™ the membership will be offered and these members will be recognized as the standard of sales excellence in the mutual fund financial services business. ASK Circle MFRT™ members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.