MFRT Board

president’s desk

Bhavesh Shah

President, ASK Circle, Kolkata

Dear MFRT Members and Well Wishers….


It has been my honour and privilege to lead this prestigious AskCircle Association. MFRT conference is not just an event for me nor do I hope the same for any advisors. It’s just like breath running in our body. As we need breath to survive, MFRT Annual Conference is much needed to revive what we are doing and what we can do next to grow in our advisory profession.

We as a Team try to deliver the best possible from our side for all our fellow colleagues, who come a long way to attend this MFRT conference. It’s really a tough job to conduct such a big event in 3 days comprising of almost 800 delegates, speakers and AMC officials under one roof. To manage this, all kudos go to MFRT TEAM who worked very hard throughout the year, and a result this event looks like a Family gathering. The purpose of the MFRT conference is to deliver the best of speakers and contents so that our delegates can apply it in their profession and help them to grow further.

My message is very simple to all my friends. Change yourselves with the passage of time. Try to gather more knowledge, adopt technology in your business, be a complete financial advisor who only thinks for the well being of the clients and above all, try to be a good human being.

Hope, this 11th MFRT conference will surely deliver its best. To conclude, I thank all my colleagues, friends, and all the dignitaries from the various AMCs, our Guest speakers, and whoever are associated with us directly or indirectly for supporting us giving their valuable time despite their busy schedule. We expect to get the same support in the future from all of you.

I sincerely thanks once again to my Team members and to all of you who have supported this mega event. It would have been impossible to conduct such a mega event without their support.

I wish you all a very bright and prosperous time throughout.
With warm regards & Best Wishes.

secretary’s desk

Amit Rathi

Secretary, Ask Circle, Kolkata

Dear friends ofMFRT,


I am pleased to welcome you to the 11th Mutual Fund Round Table Conference 2019 at Hyderabad. On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome you to the 4th most populous city of India, Hyderabad. Hyderabad was historically known as City of Pearls, but it has dramatically changed itself to I.T Hub of India. Our Industry has also undergone a deep change from physical forms to the paperless transaction. I thank all the AMC for providing us with all the tools which we require time to time to do the transaction in an easy way. Financial advisors are the backbone for the Wealth Creation and for them attending an event like MFRT becomes very important to enhance their attitude, skills and knowledge.

I have heard many stories of IFA wherein they have shared that after coming to MFRT they get the motivation and theirAUM grows exponentially. At MFRT, we try to bring the best motivational speakers, CEOs, and some good trainers. The full-day schedule is designed in such a way that we keep on learning every hour. This year, we have some IFA experts who will share their success stories with us and motivate us. I thank you all for coming and attending this event in such a big scale and day by day making it bigger and bigger. I pray to God to bless you with good health and success in your life. MFRT ka tempo is always high with your presence. .

MFRT board members for the year 2022 -23

Sl. No. Name City CELL NO E – mail
1 ABHINAV AGRAWAL HOWRAH 9830266776 [email protected]
2 AJAY KALE NASHIK 9822432790 [email protected]
3 ARUN AGARWAL RAIPUR 9827192266 [email protected]
4 BHAVESH SHAH KOLKATA 9830056490 [email protected]
5 DR. CELSO FERNANDES GOA 9422058741 [email protected]
6 GAJENDRA KOTHARI MUMBAI 9867824321 [email protected]
7 J.P MATHUR JAIPUR 9828023449 [email protected]
8 JEET LAL PRAJAPATI GORAKHPUR 9415282342 [email protected]
9 KANAK KUMAR JAIN KOLKATA 9831020826 [email protected]
10 MAHESH G GATIANI AMRAVATI 9823089846 [email protected]
11 PARESH SHAH MUMBAI 9821382168 [email protected]
12 PARTHA SINHA DHANBAD 9431185427 [email protected]
13 PRODYUT NANDI CHOWDHURY SILIGURI 7407132333 [email protected]
14 RAJESH KULWAL INDORE 9302104682 [email protected]
15 RAJESH SARAWGI GUWAHATI 9864067890 [email protected]
16 RAJIV SHAH VARANASI 9415983679 [email protected]
17 RAMESH K BHAT CHENNAI 9840858585 [email protected]
18 SAM KOSHY KERALA 9847410933 [email protected]
19 SANDEEP BHUSHETTY PUNE 9822787332 [email protected]
20 SANJEEV MUNDHRA KOLKATA 9831151241 [email protected]
21 SHASHI BHUSHAN SINGH PATNA 9835064645 [email protected]
22 SUDHANSU SEKHAR MOHAPATRA BHUBANESHWAR 9437001797 [email protected]
23 SURESH MOHTA KOLKATA 9831078908 [email protected]
24 VISHWA RATAN TRIPATHI KANPUR 9839219539 [email protected]
Sl. No. Name City CELL NO E – mail MFRT -2021 Registration
1 AJAY SHASHIKANT KALE Nashik 9822432790 [email protected] YES
2 Apurva  Gandhi Ahmedabad 9879208999 [email protected] YES
3 Arun Agarwal Raipur 9827192266 [email protected] YES
4 Bhadresh Hemani Rourkela 9337788009 [email protected] NO
5 Bhavesh Shah Kolkata 9830056490 [email protected] YES
6 B Sai Narayana Warangal 9848423133 [email protected] YES
7 Datta Kanbargi Belgaum 9945105711 [email protected] YES
8 D. N.  Prasad Mysore 9343334339 [email protected] YES
9 Harish Nagpal Ludhiana 9780514800 [email protected] NO
10 Kanak Kumar Jain Kolkata 9831020826 [email protected] YES
11 Nikhil Ashok  Naik Mumbai 9819761101 NO
12 Neelesh  Shah Banglore 9845488693 NO
13 Paresh A Shah Mumbai 9821382168 [email protected] YES
14 Partha  Sinha Dhanbad 9431120891 [email protected] YES
15 Praveen  Chhajed Pune 9822757497 [email protected] YES
16 Prodyut Nandi Chowdhury Siliguri 9434044737 [email protected] YES
17 Rajesh Chheda Goa 9890144555 [email protected] YES
18 Rajesh Sarawgi Guwahati 9864067890 [email protected] YES
19 Vikash Sudrania Jaipur NO
20 Rajesh  Kulwal Indore 9302104682 [email protected] YES
21 Rajiv  Shah Varanasi 9415983679 [email protected] YES
22 Ramakrishnan V Nayak Chennai 7200850222 [email protected] YES
23 Ramesh K Bhat Chennai 9840858585 [email protected] YES
24 AMIT RATHI Kolkat 9830157323 [email protected] YES
25 Sam Koshy Trivendrum 9847410933 [email protected] YES
26 Shashi Bhushan Singh Patna 9835064645 [email protected] YES
27 SHIFALI SATSANGEE Agra 9760099122 [email protected] NO
28 Sudhansu Sekhar Mohapatra Bhubaneswar 9437001797 [email protected] YES
29 Surendra Kumar Bagaria Kolkata 9831078861 [email protected] YES
30 Suresh Mohta Kolkata 9831078908 [email protected] YES
31 S. Ramprabhu Coimbatore 9843013512 [email protected] YES
32 Srikanta Matrubai Bangalore 9972510555 [email protected] NO



Ajay Shashikant Kale


Amit Rathi


Apurva Gandhi


Arun Agarwal


Bhavesh Shah


B Sai Narayan


Datta Kanbargi


D.N Prasad


Harish Nagpal


Kanak kr Jain


Neelsh Shah


Nikhil Ashok Naik


Paresh A Shah


Partha Sinha


Praveen Chhajed


Prodyut Nandu Chowdhury


Rajesh Sarawgi


Rajesh Kulwal


Rajiv Shah


Ramakrishnan V Nayak


Ramesh K Bhat


Sam Koshy


Shashi Bhusan Singh


Sudhansu Sekhar Mohaparta


Surendra Kr Bagaria


Suresh Mohta


S. Ramprabhu


Srikanth Matrubai


Vikash Sudrania