Bhavesh Shah

Secretary, ASK Circle

Dear MFRTians,
Friends, Colleagues, And everyone present here.
To all my friends, everyone present herein, I feel extremely delighted that so many years of MFRT have passed and we all have been working together as a family, for moving a step ahead from where we are. This has truly been true each time, and every time I see us going one step ahead towards success I feel proud and contended. But the craving of achieving more never dies. I’m sure the experiences of all the previous MFRT have played a significant role in each of our lives, because it’s one of the most important event in our corporate lives. And honestly, this Success has taken it’s path only because all of us have worked really hard with full dedication and Magically, to our full potential. All the occasions were successful because everyone worked as a team and not as an individual, First for MFRT, then for themselves, selflessly. And in my eyes, that is the most important and the sign of a mature delegate. Thank you all for your excellent performance over years and for contributing to the industry in the most effective way.
As Henry says through his principle “Espirit De Corps” that A Work can be done best only when “I” is turned into “We” and I, without any doubts, agree with this and I’m glad that all of us have followed it in the past which has led to us to where we stand today.
This time its the 9th MFRT Conference and its truly a blessing to reach this far. Our industry reached nearer to 20 lac crores, which is a very big target achieved. We all have come a long way and these 9 years have been crucial for all of us, some way or the other, for most a life changing platform. We’ve contributed in a large way, but our hard work doesn’t end here. I request each one present here to make sure that we make new, motivated and talented youth a part of our industry and get them to this field, thereby increasing the scope for them and the Mutual fund industry as well. There is a lot to achieve.
Everyone knows the truth “It’s in the giving that we receive” and as part of the mutual fund team, we have always followed this truth blindly and we can see the results. Steps taken in the right direction always lead to positive results. We all IFA’s have gathered here to extend our hands for a Social cause and I’m sure that we can do it excellent, proudly and confidently with all co-operation crossing all the milestones.
Every drop is important to fill a glass of water. Likewise every person sitting here equally important in shaping the future of this industry. So, I whole heartedly take this opportunity to invite all the Delegates, Speakers, Guests and Dignitaries to the 9th annual MFRT conference at JW Marriott, Sahar, Mumbai. I would be able to Grace the occasion with not only your presence but bringing along with a fellow MFRTian Next year.
Thank you.
Bhavesh Shah

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