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Bhavik Udeshi

President, ASK CIRCLE 2015-2017

The much-awaited event of the year for the Independent Financial Advisors comes to an end with this year’s 8th Mutual Fund Round Table conference taking place at the pink city Jaipur. As being re-elected for one more term gives me a sense of pride and responsibilities.

Last year’s overwhelming support and success of the event at Pune gave us more zeal and enthusiasm to do this year’s event in a much bigger way. This year we have a very august audience from across the country crossing almost 100 cities. This shows how far we have been able to bring the IFA community together. The number of participants are increasing and growing day by day which is a good sign for us as it shows what we are moving on the right path.

We at ASK Circle try to motivate people to come in this industry and flourish. The tag line of MFRT aptly mentions it “Informed Investor, Responsible Advisors”.

At ASK Circle, the organising body for the event under whose banner Mutual Funds Round Table (MFRT) takes place, we are trying to make it the largest and biggest single platform for IFA’s development. The platform is for the all-round growth of IFA friends. It is a platform for the recognising the hard work which an IFA does through a single platform. We are not saying it is open to all but for those who put in their lot of hard work and perseverance we respect it. Ours is a platform for sharing knowledge, getting new Ideas, gaining the power by joining hands.

I hold high regards for my colleagues, members of MFRT Board, IFA friends, Asset Management Company representatives who have also contributed and are pillars of our association.

There were many associations or bodies which have been formed across country in local levels in last couple of years with different objectives but through the platform of MFRT we got all under one roof. Many associations have been formed and all are working for the success of its members but through the MFRT platform we created the meeting point of All association office bearers to come at a single platform and form a national body .The formation of United Forum under which today we have got more than 45 registered and unregistered associations members today for representing the case to regulator and other relevant places.

Again this year also we have planned the sessions across various subject from the most active one being disruption, we share stories of successful people but we ignore the failure of people. This will help more IFA friends to learn from these stories and to safeguard the interest of their clients. We are not against any rules or regulations laid by the regulator but we believe we should abide by regulations. When a regulator is trying to bring something which may be against some section of society but we have to see the overall impact, have a proper understanding of the rule and how we can best mould it in our favour. With the regulator doing its job we should do ours, create more and more happy customers. The more the happy customers the better place it would be to do business.

This year the flow of event is placed in such a way that you will have learning, emotions and fun at your wits. Utilise the maximum time by networking learning new things and try to win maximum friends.

Jai Hind.

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