Suresh Mohta CII (Award)

President, ASK Circle Kolkata

Dear Friends of MFRT,
I am sincerely thankful to our ASK Circle team to take us to new high.

Since 8 Years, MFRT has been committed to deliver innovative ideas that generate personal and professional growth for our member across the country. I visualize clearly that MFRT strives to provide a platform mix of networking and resources to help even the best financial professionals to become more successful. MFRT Conference helps members in better communications with clients and prospects and educates them about the importance of financial planning.

The year 2016-17 was one of the best years for MF industries. The year ahead looks promising for mutual fund. The Mutual Fund Round Table (MFRT) is organised by ASK CIRCLE a study group since 2009 to help mutual fund distributors and advisors to learn best professional practices and create ethical and effective ways to increase client’s investment in financial products.

I hold high regards for my colleagues, members of MFRT Board, IFA friends, Asset Management Company representatives who have also contributed and are pillars of our association.

MFRT has spread its wings beyond metro cities to even tier II and tier III as we are getting more participants for MFRT conference from these cities year on year.

MFRT beyond B-15 we are also getting lots of query for best practices in terms of adoption of different tools and models to scale up the business.

This year the flow of event is placed in such a way that you will have learning, emotions and fun at your wits. Utilise the maximum time by networking learning new things and try to win maximum friends.

MFRT helps its members:
1. To enhance knowledge and make their practice transparent.

2. In believing strong execution of their skills and further helps those in maintaining long term cordial relationship with the clients.

3. In adoption of best customer services practices.

4. In spreading financial literacy and financial education awareness amongst the clients.

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