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The ASK Circle Mutual Fund Round Table (ASK Circle MFRT™), is a forum by “ASK Circle” which is an independent association of most successful mutual fund financial services professionals. Under the forum ASK Circle MFRT™ the membership will be offered and these members will be recognized as the standard of sales excellence in the mutual fund financial services business. ASK Circle MFRT™ members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.


In 2008, 50 extraordinary Mutual Fund advisors, dreamed of a forum dedicated to fostering a high-standard, professional approach to Mutual Fund sales and service. Founded on the belief that growth is a result of exchanging ideas, the concept was: "Success comes by acquiring Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, and to achieve success individuals must give." Out of this dream emerged ASK Circle MFRT™ – a forum that represents the best sales professionals in the mutual fund-based, financial services industry.

To be a valued, member-driven network of leading mutual fund financial services professionals/ advisors who serve their clients by exemplary performance and the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity.

To spread financial literacy, education and awareness to the financial distributors and to the people of India.

Code of Ethics
ASK Circle MFRT™ members should be ever mindful that complete compliance with and observance of the Code of Ethics of the ASK Circle Mutual Fund Round Table shall serve to promote the highest quality standards of membership. These standards will be beneficial to the public, and mutual fund industry and mutual fund financial services profession.

Strategic Plan
ASK Circle MFRT™ has a strategic plan that it follows when developing new programs and benefits for its members. The strategic plan contains fourteen goals and objectives to guide the organization in helping its members better serve their clients and learn from one another.

Executive Committee
ASK Circle MFRT™ is governed and managed by a fourteen member Executive Committee duly elected each year by the ASK Circle Life members.

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