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Ask Circle Activities

Activity for ASK CIRCLE For 2014-15
26th August 2014, Tuesday NIHARIKA HOTEL 90th Monthly Meeting
20th September 2014, Saturday ICC 91st Monthly Meeting
18th October 2014, Saturday ICC 92nd Monthly Meeting & MFRT Exprience
27th october 2014, Monday DRIVE INN 93rd Monthly Meeting
22nd November 2014, Saturday DRIVE INN 94th Monthly Meeting
27th December 2014, Saturday The Yellow Straw 95th Monthly Meeting
4th January 2015, Sunday GOLDEN GLOW 96th – PICNIC
4th February 2015, Wednesday DRIVE INN 97th Monthly Meeting
21st February 2015, Saturday DRIVE INN 98th Monthly Meeting
20th March 2015, Friday Astor 99th Monthly Meet- EGM
18th May 2015, Monday BCC 100th Monthly Meeting & MFRT Exprience
26th June 2015, Friday CRUISE 101st Monthly Meet -AGM
25th July 2015, Saturday DRIVE INN 102nd Monthly Meeting
14th – 16th August 2015, Friday -Sunday J W MARRIOTT PUNE 7th MFRT Conference


Proposed Activities of ASK CIRCLE for 2015-16
19th September 2015, Saturday DRIVE INN 103rd Monthly Meet
10th October 2015, Saturday DRIVE INN 104th Monthly Meet
21th November 2015, Saturday WM Hall Kolkata 105th Monthly Meet & Full Day Seminer
19th December 2015, Saturday DRIVE INN 106th Monthly Meet
17th January 2016, Sunday MONOBITAN 107th -FAMILY PICNIC
23rd January 2016, Saturday DRIVE INN 108th Monthly Meet
20th February 2016, Saturday ITC HALL BCC 109th Monthly Meet- EGM
19th March 2016, Saturday DRIVE INN 110th Monthly Meet
16th April 2016, Saturday ICC 111th Monthly Meet & Full Day Workshop
21th May 2016, Saturday DRIVE INN 112th Monthly Meet
18th June 2016, Saturday ICC 113th Full Day Seminer with IFAs of Kol & AMC Representrative
16th July 2016, Saturday DRIVE INN 114th Monthly Meet- AGM
5th – 6th August 2016, Friday-Sunday MARRIOTT, JAIPUR 7th MFRT Conference


MFRT Exprience Dates
23rd December, 2015 DHANBAD
30th January, 2016 CHANDIGARH
22nd April, 2016 AHMEDABAD
23rd April , 2016 BARODA
14th May, 2016 DELHI
11th June, 2016 INDORE
16th July, 2016 JAIPUR

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